There are numerous examples of increased extreme weather frequency.

Something like the following is raised just recent ones.


Big dilemma has generated between the growth of economy and extreme weather that affects frequently every year.

I found a interesting thing was written on a book I read recently, “theory of  money evolution” by Takashi Iwamura.

“When we try to watch through the long human history, such things economy, zero growth time basically was much longer.
The world, especially Western Europe enter the era of the growth from around the end of 18th century.”

This is the world view of history scholars worldwide group has developed a grand project that watches the world economic growth in two thousand years time span.

The project starter is an economist Angus Maddison.

It might be a period is abnormal rather than as a surprise for us who were accustomed to the scenario of growth the economy.

Our life Infrastructure are considered in mind the steadily increasing growth. It may an extraordinary that is formed in the new phenomenon surprisingly at all.

We might be a darling of the era which can not only have an unusual sensation.

Economic growth from the late 18th century is based on the industrialization, and we have enough experience and feeling what we should pay for its rapid growth.

Continued growth also involves the cost.

Extreme weather is one of the cost that came out on the surface, I think.



Michigan, USA


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