sky journal by HIROMI KIM


There is not same moment on the sky.

Sky shows us various expression.

We live on rainy, windy, sunny and snowy days, and so time is passing.

Emotional feeling is influenced by weather and climate sometime.


When someone pray, ask to own desire or help, usually look up at the sky.

When someone to see the sky, feel so fine rather than to see downward.

Sky blue feel so peace.



Existence of sky is universal.

It existed from birth of the Earth.

This site “Sky” is sky journal. It is a kind of photographic experiment that how we feel, and interpret when see sky who had life on the earth has been to continue watching.

The first year, I have been taking a picture 365 days.

The second year, I will post the selected photos with the aim to improve the techniques.


Hiromi Kim